A simulated wildfire at the heart of the Bragg Creek emergency exercise


An emergency drill in the Bragg Creek area this Thursday (April 21) will replicate a response to a wildfire.

A command post for the exercise will be established in Bragg Creek beginning at 8 a.m. April 21 and will involve emergency response teams from Rocky View County (RVC), Tsuut’ina Nation, Cross -Canadian Red and other partners. It should end at 1 p.m.

During the exercise, emergency personnel will implement an evacuation plan that does not require public participation, but there is the possibility of brief disruptions and delays for residents.

An evacuation center will also be established at Springbank Park for All Seasons and the emergency command center will be based at Rocky View County Hall.

Officials say the exercise will help determine opportunities and challenges as part of emergency management and evacuation plans.

“A natural disaster can strike at any time,” says RVC Mayor Don Kochan. “Planned training exercises are essential to ensure that we are ready and coordinated to provide residents with the help they need in the event of a real emergency.

The Salvation Army, St. John Ambulance, Team Rubicon Canada and the Animal Emergencies Task Force are among the other participating partners.

Mayor Kochan thanks everyone involved.

Although this is not a real emergency, RVC officials say it is an opportunity for residents to prepare for a real emergency.

This includes measures such as:

  • register for emergency alerts through the county’s Safe and Sound notification system;
  • building and maintaining emergency kits;
  • create an emergency plan and practice the plan with your family; and
  • review insurance policies to ensure sufficient coverage is available to protect your family and property.

You can read more about exercise here.

A similar exercise took place on April 29, 2017.

Photo from the April 29, 2017 exercise in the Bragg Creek area.


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