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The South Cariboo Sportsmen Association is back with its third “Rebuild Our Range” draw. Two thousand tickets at $10 each went on sale Feb. 1, and SCSA vice-president Wayne Wawrenuik says 10% of the tickets have already been sold.

“Ticket sales have gone crazy,” he says. “We have a table at the Kamloops Gun Show on April 23. It’s the largest gun show in BC, and we’re pretty confident tickets will sell out when the show ends.”

First prize is a Browning X-Bolt 6.5 Creedmoor with a Vortex Diamondback scope. Second prize is a 12-gauge Franchi Over/Under Instinct L shotgun with 28-inch barrels, and third prize is a CZ 455 Yellow .22 with a Vortex Copperhead scope. All three guns are courtesy of The Horse Barn in Kamloops.

The first two raffles all sold out, with the funds raised going to support a variety of projects on the SCSA property south of Cache Creek. The association’s facilities were badly damaged in the Elephant Hill wildfire in 2017, and the first draw, in 2020, helped the club rebuild the shooting range building, which was the last structure to be replaced after the fire.

A 45 foot container was purchased and placed on the old concrete slab. Seven gun ports were dug there, and they were all framed, with wooden firing platforms. The interior was framed and soundproofed, then finished with perforated sheets, to allow sound to penetrate the soundproofing.

Last year’s raffle funded a number of projects. The administrators had a list of 40 items needed to upgrade the club to pre-2017 conditions and better, and the raffle allowed them to build roads, create an overflow parking lot, develop a field of archery and build a concrete gun cushion.

Wawrenuik says the club is now looking to relocate and rebuild the shooting range, which includes three concrete traps that cannot be moved. The shooting range will be rebuilt a hundred meters south of the current location under the clubhouse, which will require the construction of three new hatches and the establishment of new shooting areas.

“It’s a big job,” Wawrenuik said. “We have to move all the power lines. Only one of the hatches is currently lit for night filming, and we want to light all three. »

The fact that the facility offers trap shooting is a big draw for the club, drawing people from as far away as Kamloops. Club members come from all over the province, and when hunting season begins, people stop to look into their guns. The new closed shooting range building has also extended the shooting season, rain or shine.

Raffle posters were sent to 75 sports and shooting clubs, all of the club’s nearly 300 members and more than 400 previous raffle ticket buyers, and Wawrenuik says the response has been overwhelming.

“People said ‘We’ve been waiting for this one to come out!'”

Tickets are available at several local locations, including Home Hardware, Quality Glass, NGN Sales and Service, Fields and Interior Savings Insurance in Ashcroft, as well as The Horse Barn in Kamloops and Westside Stores in Salmon Arm. Tickets can also be ordered online by sending an e-transfer to [email protected] (password: cariboo) and providing your mailing address, zip code and phone number. Anyone wishing to pay by Visa or MasterCard can call Wawrenuik at (604) 861-2454.

Prizes can only be awarded to people who have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) or Restricted PAL, which means that if someone without a PAL or RPAL wins, they cannot claim the prize. However, they can purchase tickets in the name of someone they know who has a PAL or RPAL, who will be able to claim the prize if they have one of the winning tickets. The prize draw will take place on August 1, 2022.

All the details of the raffle and the prizes are on the South Cariboo Athletes Association Facebook Page and on the website at

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