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Dragonfly Creek Recording

Perfect blend of natural environment and state-of-the-art recording: A testament to Dragonfly Creek Recording’s fascinating blend of relaxing, bucolic surroundings and a state-of-the-art studio, that’s the response AWOLNATION frontman Aaron Bruno had when he started there. work in 2013, a year after veteran songwriter-producer-engineer-mixer Charley Pollard. and his entrepreneur wife Anne Marie opened the private facility on their beautiful, sprawling ranch property in the scenic Malibu Hills to outside artists. The band booked the studio for three weeks and ended up staying there for nine months. Bruno loved the area so much that he bought a property nearby. Surrounded by lush vineyards and with horses and two goats roaming free, the studio became a word-of-mouth success, attracting many up-and-coming bands and independent artists from a multitude of genres, and hip-hop artists drawn to the environment. cold. Dragonfly Creek has also been a go-to destination for big names like Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson (who stayed in the property’s guesthouse while working on his Joan album) and jazz greats like Tierney Sutton, Grant Geissman and Gordon Goodwin, who said the studio’s Yamaha C7 piano was the best he had ever played.

Specificities of the studios: Dragonfly Creek’s main studio features a completely isolated tracking room with 12 foot ceilings, large light and variable acoustics, a large iso room for piano or drums and a small iso booth for vocals, single instruments or amps. The owners added a separate engine room to keep background noise very low in the control room so it could be used as additional recording space. The control room was custom designed by George Augspurger, whose monitors are found in the best recording studios in the world. Pro Tools 12 HDX is the master workstation with Apogee Symphony providing 32 analog I/O. The collection of outboard gear includes Retro, Purple audio, DBX, and Empirical Labs. The monitoring is provided by Shadow Hills and Barefoot Audio, and has been fine-tuned by Bob Hodas. There is a wide assortment of mics including tube and ribbon as well as 24 channels of mic preamps. Customers can use their own engineers or benefit from the decades of expertise of Pollard and its on-site team.

Rebuild to create a lifestyle experience: The devastating Woolsey fire in 2018 completely destroyed the Pollards’ property, save for the recording studio. The couple felt the ranch, the opportunity to make music, and the relationships they had with their patrons were too magical to let go, so they decided to rebuild. Among the new additions for those looking to stay on the property while using the studio are two bungalows: a one-bedroom, one-bath structure among the oak trees (with full kitchen and living room) and a bungalow on the edge of a stream, two bedrooms, two bathrooms with a kitchenette. Their five-bedroom, seven-bathroom main house (with pool) will be available for rent in September 2022.

The Pollards: Charley says, “I spent many years as a composer working alone, and it was amazing to be there, collaborating and recording with so many great musicians. Anne Marie adds: “The studio looks like a barn from the outside, so just kidding, you have your barn and I have mine with all my horses. The property serves both purposes for us.

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