Creek rescue incident leads to attempted murder charges for father of 5-year-old in Colorado


A Colorado father was arrested on January 19 as part of an investigation into his alleged attempted murder of his 5-year-old son following an incident last week that left the two people rescued from the waters frosts found along Denver’s Cherry Creek Trail.

On the afternoon of Jan. 12, the Denver Fire Department responded to a report of a 5-year-old falling in the water along the trail in the South Chester Court and East Cornell area. Ave. It was later determined that the call for help came from the boy’s father, who jumped into the water to help the boy, injuring himself in the process.

Crews eventually located the boy and his father, pulling them both out of the water with the child described as having serious injuries, including a cut to the head.

Both were hospitalized following the incident, with the boy still in critical condition due to fluctuating pressure in his brain.

The Denver Police Department then issued a “crime alert”, announcing they were looking for witnesses to the incident, specifically looking into how the boy suffered life-threatening injuries. Police described the incident as taking place near Hentzell Park, located just northwest of Cherry Creek Reservoir.

As shown in the image below, Cherry Creek Trail, also known as Colorado Front Range Trail, runs along Cherry Creek in this area, although the trail is not immediately at the water’s edge. There is a bridge nearby that crosses the creek.

This image shows a rough estimate of where this incident occurred. Chester Court can be seen labeled at the bottom left of the image, with Cornell Avenue. Cherry Creek Trail, also known as Colorado Front Range Trail, is labeled on the right side of the image. Based on the police description, it appears the incident took place in the green tag “Colorado Front Range trail” area. Image credit: @2022 Google Maps.

A report of The Denver Canal says the boy “wanted to go on an adventure”, according to his mother, that’s when the father took him on a hike. After receiving photos of his son hiking from the father, the next communication came from the ER.

According to Denver Gazette. A public announcement about what exactly prompted authorities to investigate the incident as an attempted murder case has not been made.

Anyone who may be a potential witness to this incident can contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers anonymously at 720-913-7867.

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