Dog found in Charleston Creek, paws tied to cinder blocks


KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A Hernshaw family have reunited with their dog after a man found the animal with its hind legs tied to a cinder block in a creek near Rutledge Road.

Sunday morning, Amber Browning was driving home when her daughter called and said their dog Dasher had lost the leash.

Browning’s daughter thought Dasher ran toward Marmet along the bed of Lens Creek. The family searched near Marmet and Kanawha State Forest, but they never imagined Dasher would end up about 17 miles away.

(Photo courtesy of Amber Browning)

That is until Browning returns home from searching for Dasher and sees the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Society’s Facebook post about her dog.

“I saw the picture of my dog, and it said someone tied him to a cinder block,” Browning said. “I immediately went up there and was like, ‘That’s my dog! “”

Browning, who lives more than 20 minutes from Rutledge Road, believes Dasher was taken to the area where he was found.

The 17 miles between Browning’s house and Rutledge Road is a journey across a highway, a bridge and several roads. Rutledge Road is off Greenbrier Street near GoMart and Capital High School.

“You have to go through Hernshaw Holler, then, the only way to get on that road to even take you to Capital High School would be to take a freeway, go all the way to the end of that freeway, take the exits, take the bridges Browning said. “You know, I really can’t imagine how he got there on his own.”

Browning and his family do not know of anyone who lives in the area where Dasher was found.

Browning asked neighbors if they had seen anything suspicious, but no one did. Her husband’s boss, who knows more people in and around Hernshaw, also asked around.

“All of our neighbors along this road know our pet, so I highly doubt any of them did,” Browning said.

Browning also spoke with the manager of a local animal rescue Facebook page, PigPig of St. Albans. She has yet to turn herself in to law enforcement due to the whirlwind of events.

(Photo courtesy of Amber Browning)

“I was in such a rush to get my dog ​​back that I didn’t even think to tell them about anything,” Browning said.

The situation left Browning’s family angry, scared and wondering who would try to harm their Dasher.

“It’s worse than getting robbed and, like, having your property taken away because it felt like a child had been kidnapped,” Browning said. “So finding out that part of your family has been tortured is not only heartbreaking and scary, it’s disgusting. This makes me absolutely furious.

Faced with the frightening situation, Browning still wanted to express his thanks. She is grateful to KCHA, the man who saved Dasher, and people who have shared KCHA’s message or reached out since.

According to the KCHA, Dasher was just as grateful to be reunited as his family. The KCHA then wrote an update on Facebook expressing their thanks to everyone who helped Dasher get home.

“We have found its original owner!” says the KCHA. “Looks like Dasher was stolen from them. He was so, so happy to see his mother. Thank you all for helping us find his mom!


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