Every Schitt’s Creek Season Finale, Ranked (According to IMDb)


Schitt’s Creek may have ended in 2020, but fans still love talking about their favorite episodes and moments from the Emmy-winning show. There are plenty of episodes of the sitcom that fans can’t get enough of, but what about the season finales? Which ones should be at the top of the rewatch list?

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Schitt’s Creek has a penchant for big season finales. Over the seasons, they’ve only gotten better, culminating in a perfect sendoff for the show’s characters.

City for sale (8.1)

Johnny and Moira look annoyed at the table

Over time, the Rose family fell in love with the quirky town of Schitt’s Creek, but in Season 1 they were completely against the idea of ​​living there. That’s why in the Season 1 finale, “Town For Sale,” even the possibility of leaving town gets the whole Rose family excited.


Alexis makes some very bad choices and she’s presented as an extremely unlovable character in this finale and David and Stevie’s relationship also experiences a setback. This episode had fans laughing at the eccentric Rose family with bad life choices, but they’re not quite close to sympathizing with them just yet. All in all, it makes up for an entertaining season finale with a cliffhanger at the end. Even though it is the lowest rated season finale on IMDb, it is still the highest rated episode of Season 1.

Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose (8.8)

Schitts Creek Merry Christmas Johnny Rose S4E13

In this Season 4 finale, “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose” fans see flashbacks to the Rose family’s former life and how it compares to their present. The episode shows how the misfortune of losing all their wealth brought the Rose family closer together.

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The episode begins with Johnny obsessed with trying to emulate their old lavish Christmas parties, but nothing goes as planned. In the end, he realizes that this Christmas is so much better than those lavish parties because he’s surrounded by his family and friends who truly care about him. The episode paints the image of Johnny Rose’s family man and how he’s probably the one who cares the most about this family.

Grad Night (9.0)

Schitts Creek Grad Night S3E13

The Season 3 finale, “Grad Night,” is a great episode focused on Alexis and her character’s stellar growth. From a spoiled, wealthy, insensitive brat to an ambitious, empathetic high school graduate, Alexis is on a journey of self-development, and fans can’t help but be proud of her.

Alexis and Moira’s relationship also shares the spotlight as viewers see the mother-daughter relationship flourish in this episode. On the other hand, Patrick and David go on their first date and at the end of the night they share their first kiss. Thus, this episode also led to the beginning of the most beautiful romantic relationship of the Canadian sitcom.

Happy Birthday (9.1)

One of the most touching episodes of Schitt’s Creek is the Season 2 finale, “Happy Anniversary.” This is the first time fans have witnessed the bond and love of the Rose family and learned that Alexis has a heart as she grapples with the fact that Mutt has moved on with a new baby. friend.

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The episode also explored several relationship dynamics like Alexis and Ted, David and Stevie, and the Roses’ relationship with the Schitts. It’s interesting to learn in this episode that for all their wealth and fame, the Roses never really had any real friends until they lost everything.

Life is a cabaret (9.2)

Schitt's Creek Life is a Cabaret

The Canadian sitcom spotlights its secondary characters in the Season 5 finale, “Life is a Cabaret.” The episode revolves around the staging of “Cabaret” and its influence on the storylines of various characters. David and Patrick plan to tell everyone about their engagement after the show while Ted travels to the Galapagos Islands for work. This represents a parallel because while David and Patrick’s relationship is thriving, Alexis and Ted’s relationship is on the way to turmoil.

However, center stage is taken by none other than Stevie Budd. The episode is one of Stevie’s best episodes. If fans didn’t love her already, they will surely fall in love with her after watching this episode. Fans get a rare glimpse into her personality in the episode and it’s so awesome to see her come out of her shell. Here, she appears not just as a supporting character, but as an important part of Schitt’s Creek.

Happy Ending (9.4)

David and Patrick walking down the alley of Schitt's Creek

The final episode of Season 6, “Happy Ending”, was not only a season finale, but also the series finale. Usually, series finales end up disappointing fans, but this was one of those rare series finales that felt like the perfect ending for a beloved show. The episode was both funny and both endearing and moving.

It followed David and Patrick’s wedding day. Before the wedding, fans had hilarious moments such as David freaking out about the wedding, Alexis choosing to wear a white dress, and David’s unusual massage. Afterwards, audiences were treated to one of the most beautiful and sweetest weddings in television history, followed by emotional farewells. All in all, it wasn’t just the best season finale, but also simply the best way to say goodbye to the sitcom’s ardent fans.

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