Finding Earth Keepers for Bruces Creek


The Bruces Creek catchment area near Lethbridge, Bannockburn and Teesdale is currently without a dedicated community environmental group, but that will soon change.

Geelong Landcare Network Facilitator Bronwyn Merritt is inviting expressions of interest from residents who would join a team of Landcare volunteers in this space.

“It’s up to the group to decide what they would like to do with it, but the overall goal would be to care for and rehabilitate the environment in that area, and to increase the community’s ability to take action for the environment. “, she said.

“There is also a social aspect to it, bringing together like-minded people who want to achieve things for their local community and increase their knowledge.

“It will be a formalized and incorporated Landcare group. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but it’s likely related to the Bruces Creek watershed. We will wait and see.

The landscape is part of the vanishing Victorian Volcanic Plains and includes peri-urban areas.

The next Bruces Creek Landcare meeting will take place on Monday, May 30 at the Bannockburn Cultural Centre.

“If you think this group might sound interesting, you’re more than welcome to come see where it’s going,” Ms. Merritt said.

“For those on an acre or two, lifestyle or agricultural blocks, and not knowing what to do with them, we are also interested in targeting them.

“It’s about environmental sustainability and what people can do to achieve that in our region.”

GLN received a Community Building Grant from Golden Plains County to build community capacity for environmental action, which enabled this initiative to move forward.

The network is working with natural resource management worker Dale Smithyman at the County in setting up the group.

Contact [email protected] or 0438 525 502 if you wish to attend or express your interest.


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