Genius Schitt’s Creek Theory Completely Changes Roland’s Character


A fan theory suggests that Roland’s whole goofy personality was a deliberate way to toy with the Roses, which completely changes his character.

A genius Schitt’s Creek fan theory suggests that Roland could play a role in front of the Roses, which changes how his whole character is perceived. Played by Chris Elliott, Roland Schitt is the mayor of the town of Schitt’s Creek, a title inherited from his family. Serving as one of the series’ greatest sources of comic relief, Roland plays up the comedic stereotypes of the unrefined, small-town rural character through his lack of manners, common sense, and understanding of social norms. However, a popular Schitt’s Creek theory suggests it may not be the real Roland.

Roland’s cringe-worthy demeanor and silly image are often used in Schitt’s Creek to contrast the more intellectual and sophisticated behaviors of Johnny and Moira Rose. When the Rose family first moves to Schitt’s Creek, they are surprised by the rustic, casual, and unassuming demeanor of the townspeople, which doesn’t help considering that Roland, who is the most exaggerated form of these rural stereotypes, is the first Schitt’s Creek character they meet. This dynamic between the Roses and Schitts continues throughout the majority of the six-season sitcom, with Roland even calling out the Roses for their prejudice on rare occasions.


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According to one theory (via Reddit), Roland isn’t the oblivious, cringe-inducing character, but he actually just played dumb in front of the Roses for the entire series. The theory suggests that Roland only took on this role to play with the Roses because he thought it would be funny; perhaps playing on their facial expressions from the ridiculous things he did, Roland simply exaggerated the rural stereotypes in order to play with them. Schitt’s CreekThe Rose family. Schitt’s Creek is a small town where not much happens, so it’s not too unrealistic to imagine that Roland was simply bored, and when a formerly wealthy family arrived with their sophisticated prejudices, he decided to have fun with their expectations of country life.

Roland and Johnny at Schitts Creek

the Schitt’s Creek The theory suggests that while some of his actions may not have been intentional, Roland repeatedly proves that he is actually quite intelligent and possibly even more attentive to social dynamics than the Roses. The theory also answers a frequently asked question about Schitt’s Creek. Many viewers have wondered why Jocelyn, who is quite socially conscious, is married to Roland. Roland just playing a role for the Roses and then being himself at home in front of his wife solves this mystery. The theory still doesn’t change how infuriating Roland’s character is to Johnny and Moira Rose during their time at Schitt’s Creek, but it does prove he’s a master at tricking other characters into the hilarious reactions he craves.

There are several occasions where it looks like Roland is deliberately trying to confuse or elicit reactions from the Roses because he thinks it’s funny, such as when he gives Johnny extremely confusing directions to his cabin at Schitt’s Creek season 1. Roland will very rarely have any bright moments that completely undermine the unintelligent act he does, suggesting that he just likes to mess around with the expectations others have of him while enjoying the humor of the discomfort of the Rose family. If Roland’s theory is true, then this turns him into perhaps the smartest character in Schitt’s Creek.

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