Grindstone Creek to headline anniversary at Cafe Acoustic | Music


In nearly a decade, Grindstone Creek have become the most trusted rock band in the St. Joseph music scene.

Made up of members struggling with multiple projects, the group is a melting pot of influences, from country to southern rock and metal.

“You can only hang on to one sound for so long before you want something new, and I think fusion is a big thing right now. Every subgenre was triggered by another genre. It there’s just a lot of variety and a lot of opportunity,” bassist Jason Johnson said.

The band will celebrate Johnson’s birthday with a “50th Birthday Bash” concert at 9 p.m. on Friday, February 4 at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall, 1918 Frederick Ave. The rock group Monday’s Child will open its doors.

For Johnson, the gig isn’t so much an anniversary celebration as a testament to the band’s longevity and the community it’s created along the way.

“We have some of the kindest, kindest, most supportive fans I’ve ever known. And being with them is another one of those (reasons) why I love being in this band,” he said.

The band includes vocalist Kari Crow, guitarists Sir Timothy Groce and Chad O’Callaghan, Johnson on bass and Brian Smith on drums. For most of them, the band is one of many acts in which they perform.

When the band formed nine years ago, it was an almost completely different line-up at a time when St. Joseph’s music scene was thriving. As band members were replaced and other bands broke up, Smith, the band’s only original member, slowly gathered a range of musicians who worked well together.

“That’s the excitement we have. It’s not a chore to get together. We’re waiting impatiently. We are happy to meet and play. Even though we haven’t rehearsed in a while, or anything, we’re excited to kind of be in the same room and creating and performing,” he said.

While the band are busy mixing the sequel to their debut album, 2018’s “Lowdown, Dirty and Mean,” they’re working on a slew of potential new songs, including a third LP and a possible Christmas album.

“There’s a lot of creativity and new material and it’s amazing. It’s hard to find,” Johnson said.

Celebrating his 50th birthday, Johnson, who also plays in island-themed bands like Kalani & The Mainlanders, said St. Joseph’s music scene has changed his life. He is thrilled and grateful when venue owners like Steve and Christina Grimes, who run Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall, welcome him to their stages.

Although there have been setbacks for all the band members in their journey, Johnson said the important thing has always been to focus on the positives in life and being together.

“There are so many things trying to stop you from achieving your goals that you just need to spend time being grateful for the opportunity rather than shooting yourself in the foot with negativity,” he said. declared.

At the start of his 50th trip around the sun, Johnson said celebrating with the people he loves and Grindstone Creek providing the soundtrack was all he could want.

“I don’t care about presents and unwrapping presents and stuff. I want everyone to come together and celebrate together this music that comes from us,” he said.

Admission to the concert is $5. The show is open to everyone over the age of 21.


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