House on AUSD property on Deer Valley Road in Sand Creek area to be demolished


Aerial view of property at 6600 Deer Valley Road owned by the Antioch School District. Source: AUSD

Used for storage, vandalized, Board declared it “obsolete”

By Allen D. Payton

Screenshot of the Facebook post of the ‘rant’ about the house being demolished.

The house belonging to the Antioch Unified School District, located at 6600 Deer Valley Road south of Dozier-Libbey Medical High School and southeast of Antioch Kaiser Medical Center, will be demolished after years of being vacant and being “terribly vandalized” according to Stephanie Anello, superintendent of the AUSD. The council voted for its demolition.

In a recent Facebook comment, Cambria Dejesus wrote, “Rant…Demo to do on school property on Deer Valley Rd. A beautiful house built in the late 80s or early 90s, renovated to be used by the school board, which they no longer use, voted to be destroyed due to vandalism. It has permanent seating in the yard for at least 100 people, gazebos, and it’s a real shame that it’s put on display. I am renting a property from AUSD and offered to rent it out so it could stay to possibly introduce FFA or an agricultural program into the program, but was told the board had already voted for the demo. There is minimal damage to the house from vandalism, but something that would stop if occupied. I think it’s really a shame that it’s destroyed. Shouldn’t the money be spent on the students, an intended use for the property that will give the students of Antioch a place to get away from it all and perhaps save a few from going down the wrong path. The country is healing. Go wild.

Questions were sent to AUSD Superintendent Stephanie Anello asking, “Is this true? If yes, does the district use the house? If so, how? If it’s not being used, why hasn’t the district rented it out to someone to create a source of income? What are the plans of the property and how many acres does it consist of? »

According to Anello, “Council declared the house on the property ‘obsolete’ at a council meeting, as the house has not been used or occupied for decades and has been horribly vandalized over the years. I am not aware of any money having been used in the past to renovate the property as noted” in the comment. “To clarify, it was used for storage but not for staff or students.”

“At the moment it is leased for grazing and we have no immediate alternative plans,” she added. “Our plans will, of course, change depending on the development of the region.”

The property consists of 20.98 acres.

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