Levi’s is expanding its Stony Creek plant-based dye partnership into fashion for good


IndiGold brings the time-tested, climate-friendly indigo dye from Stony Creek Colors in a new liquid form that enables radical ease-of-use and dyeing efficiency in denim mills. | Photo courtesy of Stony Creek Colors

In its quest to achieve greater sustainability in denim, the industry pioneer Levi Strauss & Co. has expanded its work in the development of plant-based pre-reduced indigo while continuing its efforts with Colors of Stony Creek and reports on the progress of its recent partnership with fashion for good. For the San Francisco denim brand, the trio represents progress in expanding its use of Stony Creek Colors’ IndiGold dye, which it hopes will establish a reliable source of greener indigo that should enter the market in by the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023.

“Our previous work with Stony Creek has shown the great potential of plant-based dyes,” said Jeffrey Hogue, Levi’s chief sustainability officer, in a Jan. 10 statement to Levi’s. Unzipped Blog. “This is a great opportunity to expand this work and more fully realize the potential of this innovation and our partnership with Fashion for Good.”

Levi’s joined the Fashion for Good sustainable fashion innovation platform in April to reinforce its commitment to sustainable practices. The denim brand’s partnership with Stony Creek has been in place for several seasons, during which Levi’s Wellthread collection included plant-based indigo formulas from the natural color supplier.

“The original Levi’s jeans used plant-based indigo, so in a way, we’re going back to our roots,” Una Murphy, director of design innovation at Levi’s, said in an October statement.

Exploring methods for discovering effective tint application and processes, Levi’s will provide guidance on technical approaches. Stony Creek Colors will bring its IndiGold dye to a selection of denim mills which will test under a number of dye systems.

“Customers and brands want clean and safe processes and fabrics. Awareness of climate change compels us to act boldly with scalable plant-based alternatives,” Stony Creek Colors CEO and Founder Sarah Bellos explained in December. “IndiGold brings the proven, climate-friendly indigo dye from Stony Creek Colors in a new liquid form that enables radical ease-of-use and dyeing efficiency in denim factories while reducing chemicals that can lead to pollution. in the denim dyeing process.”

As a Stony Creek Colors stakeholder, Fashion for Good will monitor the progress of the initiative. While Levi’s previous work with Springfield, Tennessee, Stony Creek Colors advanced the eco-needle in the fashion industry, the presence of Amsterdam’s Fashion for Good is an asset that will accelerate the time-to-market of the fashion industry. a more natural indigo product.

“The textile industry must move towards safer, renewable and regenerative inputs,” said Katrin Ley, managing director of Fashion for Good, in December. “Stony Creek Color’s innovation is driving this change, and we’re excited to be working closely with them and our partners to bring this to market.”


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