National Aboriginal Day Celebration at Pincher Creek


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The Pincher Creek Public Library has partnered with the Pincher Creek Adult Community Learning Program to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day.

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On June 21, the community is invited to participate in the free event by wearing the orange and joining in the celebrations, starting at 9:00 a.m. on the lawn in front of the library.

“We realized that the community as a whole failed to celebrate this day, because of COVID and everything, it kind of fell through the cracks,” said Samantha Bonwick, coordinator of the Pincher Creek Public Library Outreach.

“It is important to honor them as members of our community… [and] I just think it’s really important to embrace and be part of their culture for a day.

The event will begin with the raising of the Blackfoot Confederacy flag, a blessing from Elder Peter strike with a gun and a song of honor, before participants depart for a march of honor in Main Street.

“I think raising the flag is the biggest kind of feature on this day, the feature that we’re most proud of, because I think it’s important for our community to visualize the Piikani Nation in our community, and I think that’s sometimes hard to do,” Bonwick said.

“Just remind people that we have this beautiful culture in our community, and this is really just a day of celebration and education about the people and the culture.”

After the walk of honor, attendees will return to the library lawn at 10:00 a.m. for a presentation of unmarked graves, crafts, storytelling, and a feast of fried bread and berry soup.

“I think what would make it a success is if people take the time to recognize the event and recognize the day as a whole, whether we have five or 500, I think it’s important that people come out and recognize how bad the day is.

“We are expecting a very good turnout, I think primary schools are definitely taking part too, [so it] should be a very good event.


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