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RCMP Mounted Police Hanna. Quentin Norris hosted an open house for residents on May 28 to address recent property crime concerns.

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As many Hanna residents had indicated in a survey that they felt property crime should be the RCMP’s top priority, Norris held the session to explain what property crime was and how warn them.

He noted that a number of crimes fell under the category of property crimes, including; breaking and entering, robbery, mischief, arson, trespassing, possession of property obtained by crime, and home invasions, which he explained are breaking and entering when it there are people at home.

Norris said the impact on homeowners and the community could be significant and could include; financial impact, loss of time, emotional impact and impact on the community in terms of safety and attractiveness.

Norris said that during the investigation, the best evidence was photo and video, as it allowed officers to release images to the public to help identify suspects. He said the RCMP would collect witness statements, obtain physical evidence such as footprints or tools left behind that helped individuals break in, descriptions of stolen items and serial numbers to the extent possible, as well as forensic and circumstantial evidence such as other similar crimes in the region. .

Norris suggested several ways to help prevent property crime such as motion lights, locks, changing routines so that there was no set pattern that criminals could circumvent, clear lines of view and cameras if possible, park in well-lit areas, make properties appear to be occupied either by timed lights or by people sitting at home or visiting the property often, as well as fences, gates and alarm systems.

He noted that there were several local resources people could use, such as Citizens on Patrol, which is always looking for new members, and Rural Crime Watch, as well as social media when the RCMP issues statements asking for help. ‘assistance.

If you want to add your voice to the poll to make sure the police know what issues you care about, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X7PY5MZ


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