SATYRICON and ex-TRIPTYKON musicians form new band DEAD EYED CREEK; “Free Me” streaming


Job Bos (Satyricon) and Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon) announced the formation of Dead Eyed Creek. A first look is out now, with the band sharing a teaser for their debut single, “Set Me Free” (see below). The title will be released soon.

It was in the fall of 2019 when guitarist and band founder Job Bos (Satyricon, Dark Fortress, The Ruins of Beverast), approached his longtime friend and drummer Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon) with the idea of create music together. After working with different musicians, they found bassist Max Blok, who turned out to be the right fit for the band, both musically and personally. The last person to join the band was Icelandic singer Einar Vilberg. Einar showed his stunning vocal skills and range to be the number one choice for the band and together they created a massive album. Dead Eyed Creek was born.

Dead Eyed Creek’s music draws on a shared love of 90s rock sounds and heavy music. The band strives to go against the grain and avoid the clean, overproduced sounds found in today’s scene. Job Bos says about writing the songs: “I dug deep into myself, my past, my mistakes, my good and bad sides. The idea was to create something based on pure, real things, things that a lot of people have to deal with in life, and I hope that people will find a part of themselves in our music and be able to s cling to it. Like many bands have done for us. No metaphors or hiding places, everything is real and everything is there.

Co-producer V. Santura adds, “I think Dead Eyed Creek is a fucking great band, seriously. As a close friend of the band, I have already witnessed their first steps and also the sometimes depressing difficulties and problems on the road to finishing this first album. But I must say that I am really delighted with their music! Let the future be theirs.“

The sound of Dead Eyed Creek has it all – from heavy riffs and monstrous grooves to tragically beautiful ballads and everything in between. Captivating and catchy songs with vocals that can give you goosebumps. With their music, they take the greatness of 90s rock to a new level, but above all continue the sound of that era that so many people have fallen in love with.

Now Dead Eyed Creek is gearing up to release their debut album. The international quartet has already recorded eleven songs with German producer Michael Zech at the Q7 studios in Munich and created something wonderfully iconoclastic. To top it off, acclaimed American music video director Matt Mahurin, who has worked with bands such as Metallica, U2, Alice In Chains and many more, has teamed up with Dead Eyed Creek to help them create their first music videos.

Line up:

Job Bos – guitars
Einar Vilberg – vocals
Max Blok – bass
Norman Lonhard – drums

(Photo – Anne Catherine Hirondelle)


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