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With the recent announcement of Sarah Levy’s (Twyla Sands) pregnancy on social media, her Schitt’s Creek the co-stars flooded her Instagram feed with congratulatory messages. The little reunion in the comments section was sweet for Schitt’s Creek fans to see because her role as Twyla was special.

While characters like David and Moira were known for their witty humor and theatrical facial expressions, Twyla deserves more credit for her notable quotes that were both unintentionally funny and surprising.

*While looking gently at Alexis* “Thank you, my friend gave it to me.”

Alexis boop Twyla in the motel before leaving forever on Schitt's Creek

Alexis and Twyla became friendship goals at the end of Schitt’s Creek. It took time, but the two learned from each other and grew from their experiences together. Twyla, above all, was the voice of reason for Alexis.


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In one of Alexis and Twyla’s last scenes, Twyla says goodbye before Alexis moves to New York. After an emotional send-off, Alexis realized that Twyla was wearing a dress she had given him. After telling her she was wearing a cute dress, Twyla proudly said, “Thank you, my friend gave it to me.” It doesn’t seem like much, but this quote proves how much their friendship has grown.

“One foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, then get the hell out of here!”

On Schitt's Creek, Alexis helps her brother David learn to ride a bike

Although some fans felt that Alexis and Mutt should have ended up together, her departure from the show’s single was significant to her character development. When they were dating, he tried to teach her to ride a bike.

Mutt didn’t do the best job of teaching Alexis to ride a bike, but Twyla did. She saw Alexis struggling and gave him the same advice her mom’s ex-boyfriend had given her: “Get one foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, then get the hell out of here!”

“Mr. Rose, the special is the cream of mushroom soup. We don’t really have take-out containers for that, so I just put it in a double bag. Do you want a spoon or a straw? “

A split image of Twyla Sands giving Johnny Soup out of a bag from Schitt's Creek

Some of Twyla’s most memorable scenes took place at Café Tropical. As the cafe’s head waitress (and future owner), she always waited for the Roses and formed a relationship with the family because of their run-ins at Cafe Topical.

In a hilarious scene, Twyla’s perky energy disguised how weird her quote was. After Johnny asked for soup, Twyla served him the soup in a to-go bag instead of a bowl as that’s all the cafe had. The idea of ​​Johnny walking around town with a bag of soup has become a hilarious image for fans, and it’s all thanks to Twyla.

“No, Meadow Harvest is exactly like that. It changes every day.”

Alexis drinks a coffee smoothie and talks to Twyla

There were a few things that didn’t make sense about Cafe Tropical and one of them was the elaborate menu. The long-running joke was that Alexis hardly ate anything from the coffee except water, tea, or a smoothie.

When she first inquired about smoothies, Twyla’s response became a memorable quote. She told Alexis that the Meadow Harvest smoothie changed daily and the ingredients were based on her mood. When Alexis asked if it was “fruity,” Twyla replied, “Yes, it is. Yes. Sometimes. And other times, no.” Her indecisive answer became Twyla’s fan favorite.

“Money can buy a lot of snowmobiles, but it can’t buy happiness…”

Twyla and Alexis hug in the finale of Schitt's Creek

While many would say David and Stevie had one of the best friendships on Schitt’s CreekTwyla and Alexis’ friendship was underrated.

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When Twyla told Alexis that she had won millions of dollars in the lottery years before, Alexis wondered why Twyla was still at Schitt’s Creek as a waitress. In a beautiful sentiment, Twyla explained to her that money couldn’t buy happiness and that she was perfectly content living a quiet life.

“Oh my God. This is so exciting. I wonder if they’ll go to M&M’s?”

Stevie and Johnny at a business meeting on Schitt's Creek

Moira and the Jazzagals were excited when Johnny, Roland and Stevie were invited to visit a business in New York City for the franchising potential of their motel idea.

When Moira and Jocelyn first told the Jazzagals that their partners were in New York, Twyla’s first thought wasn’t about the business deal or the iconic tourist attractions that could be seen in the Grosse Apple, that was if they would go to the M&M’s Store.” That quote said everything a fan needed to know about Twyla’s personality.

“Honestly, Mutt was just a placeholder. According to my tea leaves, the guy I’m supposed to marry is black, so…”

Twyla and Alexis chat at the cafe in Schitt's Creek

In “Little Sister”, Twyla and Alexis were anything but friends when Alexis encouraged Twyla to break up with Mutt, only to date him right after.

When Mutt broke up with Twyla, she was seen telling David that Mutt was “just a placeholder” in her life because her tea leaves told her her future husband was supposed to be black. Fans found it endearing that Twyla dictated her future based on the tea leaves. It was also inspiring that Twyla was so optimistic after a breakup.

“You’re welcome. Yeah, judging by your advice, I was never really sure.”

Twyla holds a menu at the cafe and talks to Johnny

The series finale of Schitt’s Creek was emotional. After years of wanting to get out of town, the Roses realized they were going to miss this little town after all.

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After Johnny thanked Twyla for taking care of him and his family for all those years, she bluntly said that she was never sure if Johnny liked the job she did because he never gave her never good tips. To be fair to the Roses, they were in financial trouble and couldn’t tip like they normally would, but it was still a hilarious quote from Twyla.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Although part of me is a little relieved. Ever since you told me to break up with him, and you went out with him…”

Alexis sitting at Cafe Tropical on Schitt's Creek

When Mutt and Alexis broke up, she felt guilty for dating him so soon after Twyla dated him. In order to make it up to her and regain her confidence, Alexis invited Twyla to the motel for a girls’ sleepover.

Twyla didn’t care much for a slumber party with Alexis, and when she found out that Alexis and Mutt had broken up, she was anything but sympathetic. Fans gave her credit for her strong, passive-aggressive response to Alexis since she was complicit during Twyla and Mutt’s relationship.

“I overheard that someone wanted some mozzarella sticks for their birthday. I’m pretty sure I scraped all the freezer burn.”

David and Patrick on a date at Cafe Tropical on Schitt's Creek

Fans knew Patrick and David were kindred spirits when Patrick invited David over for dinner for David’s birthday. While David thought it was a casual dinner, Patrick wanted the dinner to be more of a date.

He wore a suit jacket and gave David a special gift, showing his true intentions. While the two were talking, Twyla showed up with a plate of thawed mozzarella sticks and hilariously mentioned that she had “removed all the freezer burn”. While Twyla loved Cafe Tropical, she didn’t always sell her food appropriately.

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