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JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger delivered his campaign message on good electoral practices to the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce during a March 22 breakfast.

Raffensperger, who faces challenges in the May 24 primary, took the opportunity to dispel rumors of voter fraud in Georgia.

The Country Club of the South in Johns Creek was the final campaign stop for Johns Creek resident Raffensperger. After a visit to County Forsyth in early March, the Secretary of State held talks in Dublin, Rockmart, Cordele, Newnan, Warner Robins and other cities.

Raffensperger faces challenges from other Republicans, with some accusing him of complicity in voter fraud in the 2020 general election, although allegations of widespread voter fraud have been debunked. His recent campaign stops have focused heavily on combating those rumors and answering questions from voters about the state’s electoral integrity.

Raffensperger told the Johns Creek Chamber that he asked the Legislature to introduce an amendment to the Georgia Constitution specifying that only American citizens can vote. He called for the same amendment to be added to the US Constitution. The constitutions state that US citizens can vote but do not specifically prevent non-citizens from voting.

The vast majority of states, including Georgia, do not allow non-citizens to vote. About 15 municipalities across the United States, including New York, allow non-citizens to vote only in local elections. Noncitizens cannot vote for state or federal office anywhere in the United States

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Raffensperger said his office conducted a “citizenship check” on Georgia’s 7.5 million registered voters and identified about 1,600 who he said could “potentially” be noncitizens. He said none of them actually voted, but his office will investigate whether they are eligible to appear on the voter rolls.

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Raffensperger said there were allegations that more than 10,000 people died, 66,000 underage people, 3,000 unregistered voters and 2,000 criminals voted. In truth, he said, there had been four ballots cast in the name of a deceased person and 74 people had voted under a criminal penalty. He said no minors or unregistered people voted in 2020.

Despite numerous investigations and lawsuits by allies of former President Donald Trump, Raffensperger said no one has ever found evidence of widespread fraud. He said Trump failed because 28,000 Georgians who voted in the general election did not vote for the president.

When an audience member asked Raffensperger for advice on how to bridge the gap between people with conflicting political beliefs, he said it was about being nice to everyone.

“People are basically good people,” Raffensperger said. “I think we can just come back to this and seek our common interest. It’s about freedom, it’s our family and it’s our faith. Just keep being nice to people, and that’s what you have to do.

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