Stony Creek Brewery’s New Beer Supports Save the Sound’s Mission


BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Next time you pour yourself a cold, you may be helping protect Connecticut’s air, land and water, as well as Long Island Sound.

The beer is a collaboration between the Branford-based company Stony Creek Brewery and record sound, a regional environmental association. With every purchase of “Save the Sound Light Lager”, the brewery will donate a portion of the profits to Save the Sound.

“Anything we can do to keep the rivers and the Sound clean, we’re all in, and so that makes for an amazing partnership,” said Daniel Shannon, CEO of Stony Creek Brewery. “One of the things they pushed us on and made us think outside the box is the packaging. Keep Sound Light Lager in kegs, it’s great. It’s a recyclable item. Aluminum cans, recyclable But what we did was we went and found some plant-based 6-pack carriers and stuff that we use on Save the Sound Light Lager Things that we’re doing right now to help l environment that anyone can do.

Shannon said Save the Sound Lager was just entering the market. In a statement, Save the Sound President Curt Johnson said, “Stony Creek management shares our passion for clean rivers and a bountiful sound.


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